Friday, December 10, 2010

Jack of Most Trades, Master of Some - an Intro

A spin from the popular adage "Jack of All Trades, Master of None", it is the tagline of this Blog. The phrase should reflect the content of this Blog. As time goes and more posts added, it will have a broad range of topics, which reflect writer's various interests.

While most articles will be broad (the Jack ones) for the layman on some others it will be in-depth (the Master ones) which may require some prerequisite knowledge base to appreciate.

Some people like to argue the virtue of a generalists versus specialists. Actually they complement each other. Having in depth knowledge with no perspective will not give optimum results to a problem, as most often the solution will be out of context and not applicable. On the other hand, having only overview will not get things done, without the special knowledge to solve the matter in hand.

How do one become a Master? In the old days, nobody becomes a master in anything without being a grunt then an apprentice before becoming an expert then a master of the matter. It still applies. One has to pay the dues, of learning, of experiencing, of making mistakes in a subject or industry to master it.

Complementing mastery of a subject with a broad overview and horizon of a generalist give one the ability to implement their skill and knowledge better by knowing where things are and their relations to each other.

As a footnote, this blog shall only have articles which are originals and will not plagiarize others. However should there be similarity to other articles there are three possible explanations. The first one, perhaps the writer was too inspired by a source and copying without realizing it so need a slap in the hand. The second is purely accidental, as the saying goes "There is nothing new under the sun". The third explanation is that the article has been copied without credit, which although the writer takes as a compliment, would appreciate if credited.

The writer welcomes all questions, comments, correspondences even flames regarding all articles in the blog.

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