Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Resolutions, Reflections and Projections

The New Year celebration had just passed. Some celebrated in festivities while some in solitude. Some amidst the noise and chaos, celebrated in the emptiness of their heart. One thing that is certain and the same for everyone is that another year has been and gone.

New Year by The Lac

We are a year away from where we were, and hopefully a year closer to our destination. Everybody move forward in the journey of time. While in the journey of life, some move on, some move backward and the lucky ones not moving anywhere, already content with the destination they have arrived at.

A tradition common to most culture is the New Year resolution. The New Year is used to reflect upon one self. The reflection is used to create a resolution to improve oneself over the year. An equally important ability than to see oneself is realizing what other sees.

Every one of us projects an image that is seen by others. The projections tell others who we are, how we are, what we are. While the feelings, moods, attitudes and other factors making a projection are mostly done sub-consciously, it is very much possible to control or at least influence our projections.

A jet-setting successful businessman would easily project an aura of self confidence. Nevertheless, by believing in themselves, ordinary men, with positive thinking can equally project self confidence. Having a positive projection will cause other to react positively, which in turn gives confidence and further improve the projection and became a positive feedback loop for the better.

On the other hand, one that is going through turbulence in life and has not mastered The Art of Falling might not have the energy nor have the mental strength to watch their projections. They give out negative aura, making recovery more difficult, spiraling in a vicious circle of negative feedback.

While it is possible to influence projections, manipulating it excessively will cause the opposite effect. One that is trying too hard to look confidence will be seen as a phony, unless you’re a politician who lies does it for a living.

My brother is one of the most talented people I know. He has so many differing talents, some of which he had thrown away, yet still blessed with many more. His talent du jour is Golf. While being extremely good at it, he projects (intentionally?) as just a ‘reasonably good’ player. It gives him an edge to hustle and bustle taking his golf buddies to the cleaners, with the superb control of his projection.

Curiously, in real life, sometimes he is too lazy to watch his projections, selling himself short of his true potential.

I for one, intend to maximize my projections to achieve my New Year resolution. As for those who underestimate my brother, be warned! To paraphrase a popular song by The Hollies, “He Ain’t Light, He’s My Brother”

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